Chick-fil-A Terre Haute

About Chick-fil-A Terre Haute

Choose Chicken. Choose the Chick-fil-A Terre Haute team. Chick-fil-A Terre Haute is not an average quick-service job, because we are not an average quick-service restaurant. At Chick-fil-A Terre Haute, we consider our Team Members to be more than just employees. Our team members are friendly, energetic, and enthusiastic, and they “connect” with our guests to leave a lasting bright spot in their day.


Team Member

December 2015 Terre Haute, IN
“I really liked the people that I worked with. They were always so postitve and encouraging no matter what the situation was. Also, the leadership team was really good at seeing when you were struggling and doing what they could to help you, but not just shove you out of the way.”
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