Crosstown Arts

About Crosstown Arts

Crosstown Arts is a contemporary arts center with multiple music venues, performance and exhibition spaces, art-making facilities, and a multidisciplinary artist residency program, offering a diverse range of programming, all with immediate access to healthcare, wellness, and childcare resources.

Crosstown Arts is the creative centerpiece within Crosstown Concourse, a one-million-square-foot adaptive reuse of the historic Sears building, constructed in 1927 and once a major distribution center and retail store for Sears, Roebuck & Co. in Memphis, Tennessee. The larger Crosstown Concourse complex is a vertical urban village grounded in arts, education, and healthcare. It includes a charter high school for arts and sciences, graduate programs in education, health and wellness disciplines, grocery and marketplace, commercial/office, and a diverse range of residential living spaces.

The mission of Crosstown Arts is to further cultivate the creative community in Memphis by providing resources and opportunities to inspire and support a wide range of audiences. Crosstown Arts manages a variety of spaces and programs that integrate exhibition, performance, production, retail, and education. This collective vision of collaboration and sharing of resources to benefit the neighboring community and the city at large is the unifying quality that connects all the programming, spaces, tenants, and services of Crosstown Arts and Crosstown Concourse.


Music Publishing Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Memphis, TN
“I really enjoyed the exposure to the many different overarching fields within the music industry such as music publishing, sync licensing, and music business. It was nice to have the opportunity and space to dive deeper into these topics, especially with being an independent artist myself, and needing to know the behind the scenes. It was great to learn of so many other sources of revenue and how to change and adapt through trying times in the industry in relations to the time. ”
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