Dacotah Bank

About Dacotah Bank

As a state-chartered bank, Dacotah Bank provides banking, insurance, mortgage, and trust services to customers who enjoy existing financial relationships with us. We also market these services to prospective customers residing in or doing business from our defined trade area within North Dakota and South Dakota and Western Minnesota.

With locations in dozens of hometowns, over 550 employees, and over 60,000 customers, Dacotah Bank remains one of the largest Dakota-grown state-charted banks in North Dakota and South Dakota. Dacotah Bank is also one of America’s largest lenders to agriculture and consistently ranks in the top 20 and has been voted one of America’s Best Banks to Work For by the American Banker Association.
While competing very effectively with multi-billion dollar, out-of-state banking interests, we pride ourselves in remaining a community bank large enough to service most customers and small enough to react to their special needs. Our company’s decision making is focused on both customer and community.
While the steady growth of Dacotah Bank has given us the ability to compete with national banks and banks owned by international firms, we have repeatedly declared our intention to remain a community bank with decisions made close to the people we serve—both rural and urban.

Considering the firm’s history and vision for the future, employees, stockholders, and customers alike we are proud to say, “it’s good to be in Dacotah Territory!“

Mission: To exceed customer expectations.

Vision: The employees of Dacotah Banks, Inc. and Dacotah Bank, and the Company’s Boards of Directors establish this Vision and make the following promises:

We will be a well-capitalized Company and growing profitably at a rate that both ensures the independence and viability of the Company and enhances shareholder value.
We will provide an extraordinary and holistic customer experience and deliver the products and services they need.
We will equip and empower employees to exceed customer expectations and work in a culture that promotes effective communication and encourages teamwork.
We will make positive impacts within the communities in which we live and work.


Human Resources Intern

May 2019 - July 2019 Aberdeen, SD
“The work style was purely educational. Instead of having a traditional internship where you do "intern work" I was able to observe and learn from everyone at the Dacotah Banks Talent Management department. Dacotah Bank was also flexible with what I wanted to pursue. I was very passionate about retention and recruiting this led to a couple of my projects built around those subjects. It was an eye-opening experience to see all of the roles needed to manage over 500 employees at a bank. ”

DacotahGrown Lending Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Aberdeen, SD
“The day to day tasks and how it was very educational. At the end of the Internship, I fully understood what part of the banking industry appealed to me the most. Dacotah Bank treated me so well and made it one of my favorite summers. It was also very team oriented with two other individuals.”
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