For someone interested in a partnership marketing & promotions internship at NBCU, what could they expect from a training program?

To be honest--and I'm not sure if this is applicable to other NBCU internships--I didn't have a formal training program. I had one point person who oversaw my work, and when she delegated work to me, she would go over what she expects and how she wants it done. For that internship specifically, i...
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If you're a sports marketing intern at NBC, with a Art (BFA) major, why'd you choose this job?

I have previous experience working in the Broadcast/ Media industry, at the same time I want to move forward with my career field which is Graphic Design. I applied to this company hoping to blend both my professional and academic experience together. When you apply to NBCU’s Internship program t...
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What does a day in the life look like for a sports marketing intern at NBCU?

Some of my responsibilities included basic marketing tasks such as doing extensive research of information and gathering content to create graphics for posting on social media platforms for the campaign of the FIFA World Cup 2018. I also assisted my manager creating concepts and mock ups for diff...
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What does the training program for a marketing or sales intern within NBC Universal look like?

To be quite frank, a lot of the things that I did at the Marketing department last semester for Channel 4 (right now I am at the News Assignment Desk for Channel 4) involved Excel. I learned how to navigate the company's software on my own and mostly went out on the field and in the studio for cl...
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I'm curious, what does a production and development intern do at NBCUniversal?

Everyday was different at Bravo as a Production and Development Intern. Sometimes I would have to cover my bosses desk and be the assistant to producers and the head of development, which included making their schedules and answering phones. Other times I had to cut clips that my bosses asked me ...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a post production coordinator position at NBCUniversal?

Learn about the company - be prepared to explain why you are interested in them specifically. Learn about the job - read and re-read the job posting. Use the words and tv-specific terms they use to show that you are knowledgeable and a quick study. Have a couple questions for them about the job o...
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How many hours does someone work for a typical part-time internship with NBCUniversal?

About 16h per week, minimum. That is two 8-hour days in a week at the job. Yet, NBCU gives us a little range & flexibility: from 16h a week up to 24h -- which is three 8-hour days or so spread over the week. Of course, the whole dynamics of your hours will depend on the department you work for an...

What does the training program for a dancer at NBCUniversal look like?

If you're looking to become a principle dancer in general whether NBC, Fox, WB etc, you have to consider the most excellent standards of training available. I was in the acting program at DePaul University but I also had extensive training from Hubbard Street, Miami City Ballet and the Dance Thea...
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What does a Producer Intern at NBCUniversal actually do?

At NBC's Telemundo, I created multi-platform content for “Premios Billboard”, “Un Nuevo Día”, “Suelta La Sopa”, “Luis Miguel La Serie”, “MasterChef Latino” and Telemundo’s main account. That means, create content for the website, such as articles and media galleries, and create content for the di...
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I'm an IT analyst; what skills can help me succeed if I want to work at NBCUniversal?

In terms of skills, customer support is key for client services. Organization skills. Basic knowledge of windows environments and troubleshooting. Anything else is extra.
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Are there any photographers or shot selectors out here who have worked at NBC? Can you tell me how much work ownership I should expect while working there?

You have complete ownership over your events during the Olympics, as you are the only person that is working on that event when it is live. You then send along your highlight reel and log to an editor who may make some changes and add it to the website. Our bosses even emailed us that the Emmy Aw...
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