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How is the interview process structured for Venture for America's competitive fellowship program?

We have a three part process: The first step of the process is a straightforward application. You’ll answer your basic demographic questions, share more about your recent work and/or extracurricular experiences, upload your resume, and answer a short response question sharing why you are interest...
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Will Fellows at Venture for America be provided additional guidance through some sort of mentorship program?

VFA does offer a mentorship program that connects Fellows with seasoned professionals in the broader world of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Like most things in VFA, it's Fellow-driven. That means it's up to Fellows to reach out to potential mentors that VFA has sourced. These ment...
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After the training period, what does it take to continue being a successful Fellow at Venture for America?

There's no cookie cutter Fellow. We look for integrity, the ability to contribute from day one, and a commitment to our mission. We also have a credo, made up of five core beliefs, which guide a lot of what we do.
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Hi! My major is Criminal Justice with a Psychology minor. I have many business ideas to assist marginalized communities. Do I qualify as a Fellow at Venture for America?

Hello! We are open to all majors, so you would be eligible to apply as long as you are graduating this year, or have graduated in the last 3 years, are a US citizen or permanent resident and are flexible in the industry, role and city you're interested in.Our focus is less on majors and finding i...
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