Verdex Construction LLC

Construction intern

May - July 2020 • West Palm Beach, FL

What I liked

The majority of my 8-10 hour work day was spent on a busy construction site shadowing or completing tasks for the project manager or superintendent. I had many opportunities to demonstrate what I’ve learned in school but also learned lots about the day to day processes construction managers are responsible for (meetings, schedule, inspections, cleanup, etc.). Watching the trades at work was a great way to learn the sequencing of activities as well as gain technical knowledge. I was also involved in PM duties like RFI’s, change order requests, and communicating with the architect. Some of the things I took part in off site were a turnover meeting, owner’s rep meeting, and estimating.

What I wish was different

There were a lot of great things about this internship, but it seemed like for some short periods of time the team got really busy and instead of utilizing me to help just kind of let me float around for a couple days.


Don’t be timid, ask as many questions as possible, and make sure your project team knows you are eager to be involved in all that you can be. A degree begins to bridge the gap between you being a student and a professional, but an internship should be the biggest stride in your learning experience that gets you closer toward the position you want. The people you will work with have all the answers that Google or a textbook don’t. Stay motivated and take notes on everything.
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