Do solution specialists at Verizon have any work-life balance?

There is no such thing as work life balance. Your schedule is centered around the needs of the business. 9-10 hours shifts. Requirement to work overtime. You will work all holidays. And if you want to take a vacation. You must schedule and get approval months ahead of time.
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How much work ownership should I expect to have in a project or account management position at Verizon?

You should expect ownership to be progressive as you advance with the company. For example a Project Manager I might only have one type of project, say Cell Tower Maintenence Requests vs. a Project Manager IV which might be responsible for Maintenance Requests for Towers, Power, Access Logs and O...
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I've secured an HR internship at Verizon, but what should I expect in terms of work-life balance?

The Verizon HR internship is relatively flexible as far as work life balance goes. Though you are expected to be in the office every day, the hours are doable (typically 8am or 9am-5pm) and managers tend to be understanding of schedule conflicts/commitments. Throughout my experience at Verizon, I...
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What should I expect from training programs for a sales consultant role at Verizon?

Verizon Wireless offers a fantastic training program to all there New Hires for the Sales Consultant position. Before the official training begins, one will have the opportunity to shadow (ride) with an experience colleague to gain real life day to day scenarios. After a day or two (depending on ...
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