In what ways have being a Specialist contributed to Apple's mission?

Apple constantly strives to create an ecosystem where one can achieve their passions; to allow people to dare to be greater, be creative, to invent. As a Specialist, you would seek to inspire the customer. A lot of people already have these powerful devices, but never knew they could produce musi...
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What are some valuable skills that Apple will find valuable in a Technical Advisor?

You have to be intuitive. You’re solving problems without seeing the device in person so you have to understand with limited information given from customers and you have to be able to relay information to them in a way they can understand. It’s metric based so you have to be able to multitask.
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Must dos in my interview for a Design intern at Apple?

You would need 3 tools to make it into any company- a) Excellent and descriptive Linkedin profile. b) Short but smart resume. c) Short statement of purpose in resonance with your intent. Your Linkedin profile is the gateway. Every time you apply for an internship make sure you include your URL ...
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On the topic of diversity, do you see Apple valuing it as a company?

As an HBCU scholar there is definitely a lot of support here. Old scholars who are now full time employees are very good about keeping connected with us. The mentors the program places you with are also a good source of support. But remember -- people are busy. Carve out time in advance to grab l...
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What surprised you in your interview at Apple?

The interview I had for the team I'm currently on was really chill. The interviewer was just asking me about my experience and things I'm interested in and passionate about. I talked a lot about the human experience. Apple is uniquely invested in the human experience. I talked about my interests ...
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Skills to do well as a Software Automation Engineer?

At the time, the biggest skill would be a solid grasp on Python and Unix/Linux fundamentals. I'm not sure if anything has changed since I left, but I do remember there being some discussion about using Swift to write new tools. In addition, it is key to have a good understanding of typical PC har...
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I need specific tips on doing well for my interview as a data analyst at Apple..anyone have advice?

Yes, make sure you know Big Data algorithms in case it comes up. Know Python and Java. Knowing Scala is a major plus. You'll probably be writing code similar to MapReduce on Hadoop so be familiar with how to implement that. Also, smile, speak up and always demonstrate your thought process during ...
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What exactly does someone in the "Design for Manufacturability, Research & Development" department do at Apple?

DFM R&D stands for Design for Manufacturability, Research & Development. A little background to understand what DFM R&D is about: when you make products such as phones, iPads, etc. there are generally industry established manufacturing processes that are used to make each component that goes into...
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What exactly should I know as an incoming Test Engineer at Apple?

To succeed you need to fully understand your role and responsibilities to the team. You have to have good relationships with all teams, from product design to materials, but you must also keep them honest in their work. As a test engineer, you have to be able to be critical or every package desig...
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Necessary skills to stand out as a Product Design intern at Apple?

The most important technical skill would be proficiency with CAD. Apple uses NX, which is a very powerful CAD program that isn't usually available for students. Pretty much everyone in PD uses this on a daily basis, so you get a lot of experience in a short amount of time. Another skill you need ...
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What's the structure of an interview at Apple for the financial analyst role?

During any analysis, it is important to have a clear attention to detail so small mistakes don’t turn into larger issues. I would highlight your attention to detail in any prior internships or projects. In addition, highlight any prior communication skills that you have and how it helped you achi...
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What was the relationship like between you and Apple's upper management?

You will receive ample support from management who will supply you with a variety of projects and analysis work and will be willing to help you if you face roadblocks. FileMaker is a great workplace and many full timers within and outside of your department will be willing to meet with you for in...
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What specifically motivated you to apply as an At Home Advisor at Apple?

I was motivated to become an At Home Advisor because I knew it would be a great career move for me as a Computer Science major: -Foot in the door with THE Apple Inc., a household name in technology; the job could lead to a great career with Apple later down the line. -I knew it would look good ...
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A lot of employees at the Apple Retail stores always seem so happy! Curious to hear your personal story if you worked there.

I am passionate about Apple products, and I am passionate about people. Apple Retail allowed me to connect these two passions. I excelled in the fast pace, non commission sales environment, by driving rich conversations with customers about products and connecting them with other Apple solutions,...
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What are important traits to have as a Hardware Engineer?

I think the most important skills needed as a Hardware Intern are strong understanding of fundamental concepts and the ability to learn a lot of new things quickly. Among the fundamental concepts I’ve used during my internship are Electromagnetism, RLC filter circuits, op amps, transistor operati...
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What's the level of progression for a Sales Specialist at Apple?

Success in this role means potential to become an ASC and then eventually an LASC. My old LASC transferred within the company to where he’s now selling Apple products to entire school districts. He spends weeks creating PowerPoints, writing numbers, and persuading them into buying x amount of pro...
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What does a normal day look like for a Specialist at Apple's retail stores?

On a normal day you go in and spend about 15-30 minutes getting settled, checking what is new in the world of Apple - things change a lot more frequently than you would think. Then you will go onto the floor and depending if you are selling products and stationed near the iPhones or in the queue ...
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Is there any form of upper level support working at Apple in the sales department?

A lot and then as much as you need. Honestly, thats the best way to describe it. You can go in knowing everything there is to know about apple and they will proceed to reteach it all to you their way to ensure you actually understand it all. If you are ever confused, or ever overwhelmed there are...
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What does it take to excel as a Software Tester?

Communication skills is most valuable aside from the technical skills. The ability to write bug reports, describe software errors, empathise with coworkers, and reason critically are essential to the job. Technical skills are also important - such as programming, systems analysis, usability - a...
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In your experience, does Apple actually uphold to their company values?

When I worked at Apple and when Steve Jobs was still alive, the core values were strictly adhered: focus on the customer and protection of customer's privacy/data. The focus on the user is important because before anything can be designed or manufactured, we need to understand the customer's pro...
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