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What should I highlight in my interview at The Borgen Project?

Focus on an interest in social justice as it relates to an international context. Since the organization devotes itself to ending world poverty, the level of empathy and passion for wanting to help others has an utmost importance. Just describing your connection to international students, if you ...
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Does The Borgen Project offer paid roles?

The starting rate is generally $8/hr for a Content Team Lead Editor. As The Borgen Project is a small nonprofit, it cannot pay too high of rates, but I find that the experience I’ve gained is worth it.
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What was your internship experience like at The Borgen Project?

I was a Writer Intern with the Borgen Project from August - December 2013. Back then, interns were required to write four cited, AP-style articles on poverty-related topics per week (now, I think the requirement is one article per week). Topics were compiled by Borgen Project staff and the intern...
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Generally, what is your go-to strategy while at a career fair or when networking with a recruiter?

I try to ask recruiters how this career field would fit with my long term goals. If you won't have the ability to reach your long term life goals in a career then you will never enjoy it or want to work hard to improve your skills. However if this career allows you to reach your long term goals t...
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What were some of your personal highlights from your internship at The Borgen Project?

I really enjoyed the second half specifically of my Human Resources Internship. This was the part when I was introduced to their software that processes applications. I was able to screen applicants, move them forward in the application process, and schedule them for interviews. I really enjoyed ...
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How do I frame my elevator pitch to cater to a company in philanthrophy?

For my elevator pitch, I usually say something along the lines of "I was an intern for the Borgen Project, which is an organization dedicated to encouraging U.S. officials to contribute more actively to foreign aid." I also like to add information about writing advocacy letters and managing my pe...
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How should I navigate finding the right opportunity for me at The Borgen Project?

There are several different intern opportunities at the Borgen Project. Generally they want people who are passionate about their mission, willing to go the extra mile and knowledgeable about what they stand for as a company. It's difficult to be more specific without knowing what position you'...
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What would a recruiter at The Borgen Project like to see from me in terms of my desire to work for them?

If you want to stand out, I suggest really researching The Borgen Project and impressing the managers with your knowledge of the organization’s mission and values. Explain why you admire what the organization does and why you want to be part of the team. Be clear about what you can bring to the o...
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What can I do to increase the odds of having a successful interview for a journalist internship at The Borgen Project?

Know what you want out of an internship, what you are passionate about, and be prepared to share specific examples about your writing experience. Make sure you are eager to learn and that your passions align with the organization, do a little bit of research about the organization to make sure yo...
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If I were to accept a journalist internship at The Borgen Project, what should I expect from typical work days?

All of the work is done on your own time, so you have to be good at time management. You can get guidance from your superior but you have to be willing to reach out if you're having difficulty or find yourself lost. A lot of the time is spent researching. You must have good sources, always. You f...
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What level of upper management support did you get from The Borgen Project?

The Borgen Project doesn't offer a mentorship program. They do have managers, however, that help you through your internship and primarily serve as a means of support. You'd be required to Skype with them at least twice, but they're more than willing to communicate with you as much as you need.
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Did be a Writing major prepare you for your job as a Journalist Intern at The Borgen Project?

My writing major was ideal for this internship since all of it is writing. The classes that I took were a huge help in using my voice in my writing, as well as all of the grammatical and fine tuning things that journalists must know in the field. If you need help, the Borgen Project provides a lo...
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How was your internship experience at The Borgen Project?

It's a telecommute internship, so you have to be organized enough to stay on top of your work without direct supervision. Fundraising is a significant aspect of it as well. You have to be determined and persistent. It's going to be difficult to get a meeting with your congressional leaders' offic...
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How is it working remote for The Borgen Project?

The Borgen Project's work-life balance is pretty manageable due to the remote nature of the internship. All you need is an internet connection to log into your account. You can also pick the time of day that you want to work.
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Is there a training program for interns at The Borgen Project, knowing the work is remote?

Since the HR internship is a telecommute one, the training is as well. I had a Skype session with my manager, in which she gave me a complete overview of what my day-to-day work would look like. Essentially, all of the daily tasks are outlined in an extensive Google Doc. Once you've completed a t...
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