Cadeo Group

About Cadeo Group

Cadeo works at the intersection of policy, markets, and technology. We support utilities, public agencies, and private industry in their efforts to advance energy efficiency and clean energy resources for a cleaner, more sustainable future. To this end, we characterize markets, analyze distribution channels, assess emerging technologies, and analyze policy impacts. Through these services, we provide our clients with actionable recommendations and the ongoing guidance to implement them. Our approach is simple: we listen first, ask next, and answer last.

Our Culture

Each of us helps shape the culture we want. Our work is our craft—something we want to get better at every day. So, we take it seriously. To us, that doesn’t mean formality; it means a commitment to continual development, both individually and collectively. It means having the desire to know what works better and the humility to recognize something probably does.

As we continue to grow, our culture will no doubt evolve, but the following core principles will not:
We start with the premise that we don’t know. That way, we listen better.
We value candor, curiosity, and clarity.
We seek feedback. Really.
We share knowledge. Relentlessly.
We guard against the creep of bureaucracy.


Data Science Intern

June 2021 Portland, OR
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