Cafe Yumm!

About Cafe Yumm!

Café Yumm!® is a casual dining experience; a delicious process that takes you from pure ingredients to the savory first bite.

Founders Mark and Mary Ann Beauchamp have created a welcoming atmosphere and from the basics of rice and beans, developed a menu balancing a combination of elemental foods with a light-hearted sense of fun.

The process starts with the seed. The most fundamental form of life, the seed is a symbol of food in its basic form. Yumm! is the state of pure deliciousness contained in simple, nourishing, beautiful food.

We then apply our energy and passion. The flame transforms the basic ingredients into a satisfying, nourishing product. Yumm! is an act of passion: we love creating vital new flavors that fuel the soul.

The delicious, beautiful bowl represents the seed, transformed by flame. The bowl nourishes body, mind and soul. Yumm! is a welcoming place where flavors of many cultures meet 'round a bowl.

The final step in the process brings us full circle and represents the cyclical nature of life; life depends on the interrelationship of seed, flame and bowl. Yumm! What is it? Close your eyes, open your senses and savor the moment.


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June 2019 Springfield, OR
“I like the flexible hours that work with my school schedule.”

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June 2019 Eugene, OR
“Work environment and flexibility”
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