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California Psychcare is a leading provider of behavioral services for children and adults with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. Our team of professional utilize scientifically proven and highly effective intervention tactics within the literature of applied behavior analysis (ABA).


Behavior Interventionist

March 2020 Murrieta, CA
“I really enjoyed getting to work somewhere that really reflects on my interests and involves my major, which is psychology. I also get to work with children with autism, and I have really developed a bond with these kids and have enjoyed working with them. I bring them different toys from dollar tree and Walmart that will either help satisfy sensory needs, or I can use them as a reinforcer (play-doh, coloring books, puzzles, etc). The best part is that I get to have fun playing with them, but I also get to help them learn important skills that will help them prosper in the future. ”

Behavioral Health Technician

January 2019 Santa Maria, CA
“Working with the kids”
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What could daily work be like for me as a behavioral therapist at California Psychcare?

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