January - September 2022 • Fort Lauderdale, FL

What I liked

Calvary has an amazing community of people. It's a great working environment with healthy relationships and i love how much the staff actually cares. The restaurant is clean and managers strive to always give customers great quality service.

What I wish was different

I wish there was more staff but that is because of the labor shortage everywhere so you really feel the weight of that in the food/service industry. Aside from that, there wasn't much that I would change.


I think that having an open mind set each day that you come in to work is really important. Having a positive attitude helps you take the days challenges with a new perspective. Lastly i learned that no matter where you work it is okay to ask for help. You can only do you part and we are not superman or superwoman we will need help at times. Knowing how to communicate problems or needs is important so that you are able to progress in any career field.
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