Cameo Pizza Bowilng Green

About Cameo Pizza Bowilng Green

The Original Cameo Pizza was started in 1936 when Mamma Loccoco (seen in the logo) began serving her family and friends Old World Style Italian Cooking from her small kitchen in Sandusky, Ohio. Today Cameo pairs together Mamma’s secret family recipe pizza sauce that uses only vine-ripened tomatoes and the best herbs and spices, dough that is still handmade with the finest north coast water, and 100% real cheese to create a great tasting pizza. Cameo's “Formula For Success” is based on Experience, Tradition, Family Values, Quality Products, and of course Customer Satisfaction. At Cameo Pizza, they don’t want to be the biggest or the fastest pizza maker in the business…Just The Best! Cameo Pizza now has several locations across Ohio including the one right here in Bowling Green, Ohio. It is locally owned and operated aiming to serve the best quality pizza and provide an enjoyable work environment for Bowling Green residents.


Cash Register Operator

June 2019 Bowling Green, OH
“I liked that I got to talk to people during this job constantly.”
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