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About Camp Androscoggin

Join us for a summer of connection, adventure and fun while gaining real-world, resume building skills. Do you need experience in team building, managing people, working across departments, project management, leadership? We've got it all and more. And, we haven't even mentioned that you'll be doing all of this surrounded by the beauty of summer in Maine.

All of our jobs are paid, including travel, room and board. We can also work with you to satisfy individual internship requirements.

Camp Androscoggin is an all-boys camp in Wayne, Maine which is 20 miles west of Augusta, the state capital, and about an hour north of Portland. The campgrounds cover over 120 acres on the shores of Lake Androscoggin. With all our campers and counselors living and playing on a single campus, Androscoggin is a close-knit community where meaningful connections are formed between and among both campers and staff.

Every summer, we strive to create an environment in which each camper can improve their skills, gain an increased sense of independence and self-esteem, and form strong and lasting friendships. Camp offers a setting in which campers can learn and grow, create lifelong memories and gain skills that serve them for a lifetime. All while having the time of their lives.

We believe that the camp environment also offers staff members a unique opportunity to work closely with children and have a positive and lasting impact on their development. This coming summer, we will offer one seven-week session for 250 campers between the ages of 8 and 15 and 100 staff. Each summer, the opportunity to engage campers through impactful fun, sports, and adventure in one of the most beautiful locations we can think of is incredibly rewarding – we can’t wait to make it happen again this coming season.


Tennis/Bunk Counselor

June 2021 - August 2021 Wayne, ME
“While this may come off like an ordinary summer camp on the surface, once you arrive, you instantly see and feel like it's the opposite. The people here come from all different backgrounds and you instantly feel like you are part of a family. There is a reason why counselors return for multiple summers. Working with kids on something I was passionate about and being a role model for them was a unique experience. I was able to develop valuable communication and leadership skills throughout the entire 8 weeks. ”


June 2022 - August 2022 Wayne, ME
“Camp Androscoggin is one of the best place I have ever been to. As a camper, and a counselor, it has made me some of the closest friends and campers that I have made. Every day is organized, and well respected to everyone.”
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