Camp Robin Hood, New Hampshire

Camp Counselor

June - August 2019 • Freedom, NH

What I liked

I loved having the opportunity to get to know my group of kids, and to see all the boys and girls at my arts and crafts activity everyday. I had the chance to come up with creative ways to engage them in arts and crafts and encourage them to be creative. I also had the chance to be a driver and take the kids on day trips and overnight excursions. On top of all that Freedom, NH is absolutely gorgeous!

What I wish was different

It was as close to a perfect experience as something can get. If I did it again, I would probably personally take more caution health wise, because having bunks full with young children unavoidably leads to things spreading.


If you end up doing something completely immersive like this, take advantage of every opportunity you have even if it seems like something new or that you wouldn't like. It really helps the kids and is very rewarding, and you learn a lot about yourself and really grow as a person. One of the campers' sayings is "Don't waste a minute" and that's the best advice I can give.
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