Camp Walk on Water

About Camp Walk on Water

Camp Walk On Water is an inter-denominational Christian church camp in Southeast Oklahoma.

One of the main focuses at Camp WOW is to host powerful and effective summer camps. We are set up so that groups can reserve 4-5 nights throughout the summer to bring in their students for a time of exciting activities and powerful worship. Churches/Organizations set their own schedules and bring their own speakers, bands, and leaders, while Camp WOW helps by providing the behind-the-scenes manpower to facilitate an exciting and meaningful week! The center of our summers is the 35 college students who work to ensure that things go smoothly. These men and women staff various elements at camp, including the rock wall, waterfront, recreation games, and serving of meals, all while setting an example of godly service and seeking to find ways to minister to those they encounter.


Team Lead

May 2019 - August 2019 Calvin, OK
“The management is so kind and really takes the time to build relationships with everyone on staff and foster meaningful, Christ-centered community. You will leave this place as part of a family. The work itself feels very meaningful. Getting to know campers is such a joy! ”
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