Camp Wawenock

About Camp Wawenock

Camp Wawenock is a seven week girls’ camp located on Sebago Lake in Raymond, Maine that aims to give girls both roots and wings. Wawenock helps girls be themselves while providing opportunities for campers to challenge themselves through activity skill development and cabin living, ultimately developing confidence to be the best version of themselves.

Wawenock counselors are caring individuals interested in positively impacting the life of a child. They work as a team with other staff and the Directors to create a welcoming camp family. All counselors live on site at Camp and in cabins with campers, and also teach activities (typically in 1-3 different activity areas) unless otherwise arranged with the Directors.

Staff are challenged and supported, given responsibilities and made to feel part of something bigger than themselves. Staff members finish their summer feeling rewarded because of the difference they made in the lives of others and in because of their own growth and learning. The hands-on environment allows staff members to build a diverse set of transferable and marketable life skills. Beyond the tangible takeaways that can be applied to your resume, working at Wawenock will help you connect with peers from around the world, all while being outside and enjoying the beautiful setting of lakefront living. Join us, for the most challenging, exciting, and meaningful job you'll ever have.


Camp Counselor

June 2019 - September 2019 Raymond, ME
“A great sense of community at camp. Everyone was very welcoming and I learned a lot about team work and working with kids and teens in a new way.”
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