Camphill Village Minnesota

About Camphill Village Minnesota

We create and sustain a community where people with and without disabilities live, work and care for each other to foster social, spiritual, cultural and agricultural renewal.

Camphill Village Minnesota is a life-sharing, residential community of fifty people, including adults with disabilities. Our lives, work and celebrations are woven into the rhythms of nature found in the rolling hills, sparkling waterways, and prairie grasslands of Central Minnesota. Our community is deeply rooted in the belief that every individual , regardless of limitations, is an independent, spiritual being. Each person is part of the fabric of Community experience and is worthy of recognition, respect and honor.



August 2014 - August 2016 Sauk Centre, MN
“I loved my life at CVM! Living in community really changed my life for the better. I learned many practical skills with food, gardening, baking and woodworking. I also learned more about the natural environment and how to better interact with the Earth. I learned about conflict resolution, how to better understand myself so I can understand others and in the process, made another family for myself. There was so much to love! ”
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