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How much support should I expect from upper management at Canon?

Your managers will be really supportive and answer any questions you may have on a process, or why you're doing what you're doing.
Internship Relationship with Upper Management Canon
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What does an Analytics Intern at Canon do?

My project was mainly based on exploratory analysis using MSSQL server and Tableau. Other things I worked on included exploring social media data. Day to day life is entirely dependent on what project(s) you work on and what your abilities are.
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What can I expect from the company culture at Canon?

Canon is a Japanese company and thus has a family atmosphere. There’s not the workaholic culture of other companies. It’s still the old way of wanting employees to spend their whole career there.
Canon Photography Company Culture
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I want my interview for an IT support specialist position at Canon to go well. How can I prepare myself?

first you should do some research about company, know what their does. 2nd review your resume since they will ask you about your past experience. 3rd practice answering questions, since they can ask you technical questions. Please note: they know you do not have a lot experience after school, bes...
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Is there a mentorship program at Canon?

There is no mentorship program, but there are programs for all the interns including attending sporting events, taking photo tours, and listening to guest speakers.
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Can someone share their experience as an IT support specialist at Canon? What was a normal day like for you?

Everything depends every morning, if something is down you will spend all day break and fix applications, also I do provide system access and termination cases as well. A lot interesting tickets\cases everyday. I do level 1 and level 2 support, it can be easy or I spend few hours fixing one system.
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