Cass County Vector Control

About Cass County Vector Control

Cass County Government has just published vacancy notices for summer positions in the Vector Control Department. Students can find the listing and apply here:

The posting for Field Aide comprises a majority of our 40 staff members. Field aides are assigned to one of our four crews; 3 of which are field oriented and the other is based primarily on collection, speciation, and other various laboratory and field duties. Information on employment and crews can be found here:

These positions are most likely best suited for freshman and sophomore levels of study but could be fun for older students looking for something different that pays well.

The pay rate for first year field aides is $16.36/hr. Employees would need to be local or be able to commute to West Fargo for shifts that typically run 6am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday. Occasional evening shifts are likely but rare.


Lab and Field Aid

May 2021 - October 2021 Fargo, ND
“My favorite part of this job was being outside, being independently responsible for my own tasks, and having a flexible schedule. ”
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