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For someone interested in CBRE Group's Real Estate Administrative position, how should I go about my interview?

Customer service is very important in this position so you should talk about your experiences with customers, how you handled difficult customers, and what makes good customer service to you. It would also be good to mention your experiences dealing with multiple projects and deadlines.
CBRE Group Real Estate
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How much were you paid hourly as a Real Estate Administrator at CBRE Group?

About $22 to $23 per hour with yearly raises and benefits.
Compensation Administrative Assistant CBRE Group Real Estate
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What does it take to do well at CBRE Group?

Be proactive, network, and find a mentor that is willing to advocate on your behalf. Depending on what areas of Real Estate you want to get into, the answer to that is quite different. However, being well informed on the macro market and having a good understanding of the real estate trends will ...
Internship Skillset CBRE Group Real Estate
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What's the best approach to asking if there is a return offer available after my internship with CBRE Group?

Establish a close relationship with your manager so that you are the first person they think of when a position becomes available. Reflect on whether you’re willing to take a position at a satellite office and stay in contact with HR.
Internship Return Offer CBRE Group Real Estate
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