Do you know how much an intern will get paid working for CDW?

The compensation has gone up each year since I was an intern, so I’m not exactly sure of what it is at currently. The recruiters will definitely be able to tell you as you go through interviews and the hiring processes! However, I can say that it is a paid, full-time summer internship. There are ...
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How should I approach a recruiter from CDW at my upcoming career fair?

Be yourself!! I cannot stress this enough! Make sure you have researched the company, have an idea of what CDW is all about, and come prepared. This will help boost your confidence immensely and make you more comfortable with the career fair in general. Talk to the recruiters as much as possible ...
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Any pointers on what to highlight in my HR Intern interview with CDW?

Every HR intern position is unique. For example, I worked on the Business Partner team and much of what I did was create accommodation reports (maternity leaves, immigration VISAs), conduct Exit Interviews, Update coworker handbook, analyze data turnover trends etc.. some other HR interns worked ...
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General tips before my interview for an internship role at CDW?

What recruiters want to see is campus involvement, business related experience (sales and project management), commitment, follow through, and professionalism. As a campus intern, you are responsible to meet with the many IT departments on campus. It is a sales role, so you have to be comfortable...
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What was the office environment like working at CDW?

Company culture is great. It's generally very relaxed and everyone is friendly and helpful. It's obviously serious as it's a professional work environment but you can joke around with coworkers and there are plenty of happy hours and out of work activities
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What were some of the pros and cons of working as a Consulting Engineer at CDW?

One area I both liked and disliked at the same time was the variety of different projects that I got to work on as a Consulting Engineer. While this variety quickly increased my overall skills, both technical and soft skills, it also quickly became apparent that while every customer is different...
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How is the training program structured for a Brand Manager at CDW?

The training program is a little bit scattershot. This is because the majority of entry level employees at CDW start as an account manager. Account managers go through extensive training that takes six months, plus another 18 months in the "Residency" where they get extra training and coaching....
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What do you like/dislike about being a Brand Manager at CDW?

I liked that every day was different. A brand manager at CDW has to deal with multiple departments so each day presents a different set of responsibilities. One day would involve analyzing data to strategically decide how to invest promo dollars, the next would be event planning, then it would ...
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Can someone talk about what it takes about what it takes to succeed at CDW?

CDW is a multi-billion dollar corporation with over 8,000 employees. So to say in a nutshell what it takes to succeed at CDW, I would it is 100% necessary to put yourself out there as much as possible. Meet as many people as you can, start developing professional relationships, and get out of you...
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In a nutshell, how can I get a return offer after my internship at CDW?

After my summer internship at CDW, I received an offer just a few weeks into my senior year. You cannot imagine the relief I had as I watched my friends go through so many applications and interviews, so if you are fortunate enough to get an internship at this company MAKE IT WORTH IT! As you get...
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Did you enjoy your sales internship at CDW?

I loved everything about being a sales intern. We were the first intern class in a remote location, but it was exciting and fun! The partners at CDW really care about all of the employees. My manager would give me tasks each week. Being in sales, things come up that are unexpected, yet it was all...
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What should I know regarding CDW's internship interview process?

CDW’s internship interview process is pretty extensive and involves multiple rounds and steps to go through. In regards to what you should specifically highlight, I would say it is best to talk about any accomplishments that are relevant and that you are proud of! Being a sales internship, it is ...
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How did you craft your elevator pitch using your experience at CDW?

I use that I am still in school, I have a passion for sales, I have experience in IT sales from the wonderful internship at CDW, who partners with over 1400 companies that create the right IT solution for each individual customer.
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