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About Center for Creative Economy

At the Center for Creative Economy, we help creative entrepreneurs launch, grow and accelerate. We do this through Momentum, a creative community that meets monthly for lunch and to learn from expert speakers. We also do this through the Velocity creative accelerator, a 9-week hands-on business accelerator that ends with each participant delivering a pitch to investors for a chance at seed-stage investment funding. In 2020, we launched a Bootcamp program for early stage entrepreneurs. 

The Center for Creative Economy serves as an advocate for creative industries and entrepreneurs; those businesses and organizations that make or market products and services associated with innovation, aesthetics, design, or culture.

The Center brings people, ideas, and resources together to benefit a growing creative sector that includes design, architecture, advertising, publishing, art, crafts, fashion, film, performing arts, TV and radio, interactive digital media, gaming, and related creative technologies.



June 2018 - August 2018 Winston-Salem, NC
“The Center for Creative Economy gave me an opportunity to plug myself in to the surprisingly vibrant entrepreneurship scene here in Winston-Salem. Upon starting my internship over the summer, I still viewed Winston-Salem as a used up tobacco town without much to offer, but within a week I had seen firsthand how wrong I was. The startup scene here is incredible. There is nothing quite like the energy you feel walking into a room where everyone there is not only a motivated and creative individual, but they are also focused on raising each other up and giving back to the community that has given so much to them. Winston-Salem, the City of Arts & Innovation, may not have embodied the spirit of that title when it was added, but it certainly does now. My internship with CCE connected me to the movers, shakers, and producers in Winston-Salem and allowed me the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the professional world.”
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