Center for Equity and Inclusion

Social Justice Internship

July - August 2021 • Tacoma, WA

What I liked

What I liked about the social justice internship is that I had the opportunity to work with Hilltop Action Coalition. Where I had the opportunity to learn the history of Hilltop in Tacoma. Even I had the opportunity to get to know the different small-Black owned business that are in Hilltop. Including, I was able to provide the support and need families and kids needed in Hilltop.

What I wish was different

The only thing that I was that was different is that it should be a longer internship. As well, have the opportunity to go back and support the non-profit organizations.


One piece of advice I would share is that don't be afraid to do new things because when it comes to these internships, they will push you to try new things. Even, this is an internship that I recommend for others to do.
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