Center for Human Development (CHD)

About Center for Human Development (CHD)

With over 70 programs and services, CHD is one of the largest social service organizations in Western Massachusetts, delivering a broad array of critical services with proven effectiveness, integrity and compassion. CHD has been helping people build strong, productive relationships since 1972. Each year, our community based social service and behavioral health programs reach over 18,000 people in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. We currently employ more than 1,400 professionals across all of our locations. Working in local communities, and partnering with local agencies, we provide focused, personalized services that promote real and lasting change.

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If I'm preparing to interview for an occupational therapist position at the Center for Human Development, what do I need to know?

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Care to share what a normal day may be like for an occupational therapist at the Center for Human Development?

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Just how well does a major in occupational therapy prepare someone for an occupational therapist job at the Center for Human Development?

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