CESO, Inc.

About CESO, Inc.

CESO is a national architecture and engineering firm with a diverse and multi-faceted portfolio spanning commercial, residential, and public sectors. We empower our people to impact communities by achieving our clients’ visions. Our drive in finding purpose through serving others is guided by our core values of humility, trust, integrity, and respect.

Evolving from a small office in Dayton, Ohio, to a team of more than 300 associates has been quite a ride. We continue to grow in our ten offices throughout the country. Across industries and disciplines, our team can provide seamlessly integrated services from start to finish and everywhere in between.

At CESO, we help shape the foundation of a bright future for our co-ops and interns. Our co-op and internship programs are designed to provide a broad, well-rounded learning experience. Partnering alongside our team of experts, our co-ops and interns perform a wide range of activities across various industry markets.

We provide an excellent learning environment for co-ops and interns. They are an integral part of our company - provided with tasks that are both technically challenging and educationally stimulating. Under the guidance of a project manager or a senior staff member, our co-ops and interns will learn our processes and procedures. We develop leaders and empower our associates to use their skills and talents to impact the world positively, so let's connect if this speaks to you!


Civil Engineering Co-op

January 2023 - May 2023 Miamisburg, OH
“This company had an excellent work environment with a strong emphasis on learning. I truly felt as though any questions I had or even could think of were prioritized. Everyone in the office is so kind and helpful. One-on-one's are a huge part of the company culture and my supervisor was amazing about it. We met bi-weekly and it was nice to hear his feedback and advice as well as getting the chance to talk about other specific engineering concepts that I had questions about. Additionally, getting to know the people around me on a more personal level, hearing about their hobbies, families, interests, etc. makes it so much easier to feel comfortable and a sense of belonging within this work environment. Another thing I appreciated most about this experience was the way I got to work as apart of a team. I was apart of the c-store/truck stop team and working primarily for specific clients really helped me to feel that I had a place where I was valued within the company. The work it's self was also very interesting. This was my first co-op term and I worked on primarily site design as well as getting to research and learn about different steps in the process.”

Engineering intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Columbus, OH
“I enjoyed the people I worked with, the work environment was tremendous. Everyone was extremely helpful. It made the work I was doing really enjoyable and I looked forward to going to the office everyday. ”
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