What's a day in the life of an engineer at Chevron like?

As a drilling engineering intern, you were to arrive in the office pretty early (prior to 7:00am) to sit in on a morning call out to the drilling/workover rig or the completion crew. Depending on the day you oftentimes had at least one other meeting throughout the day to sit in on. The rest of th...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a drilling engineer position at Chevron?

The interview process was more behavioral based. The best way to prepare for that is to practice thinking on the spot to tougher questions. Some examples to practice with could include: Give an example of a time you were in a leadership position and a plan you had did not go as you wanted. How di...
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If I were to be interviewed for an engineer position at Chevron, what will help me be prepared for it?

During the university recruiting process, we typically conduct behavioral interviews with questions that are meant to provide insight into your leadership, problem solving, communication, etc skills. It is best to prepare answers to these situation via the S.T.A.R format (what was the situation o...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Reliabity Engineering Intern position at Chevron?

Do some research about the company and about their culture. Chevron puts a huge emphasis on safety so be sure to loop that in. Also, the reliability engineering position is a combination of probability and statistics and thermodynamics. Express your interest in those subjects.
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What's a day in the life of a Reliabity Engineering Intern at Chevron like?

As a reliability engineering intern at Chevron, I was given a plant and was required to find and optimize the overall availability and reduce costs. This included learning a specialized reliability software and doing research on the availability, up-time, and down-time of all included components.
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If I were to interview for a materials engineering internship at Chevron, what can help me prepare for it?

There are two different interviews, a behavioral and a technical interview. For the behavioral interview, generally they're looking to determine if you would fit well within the culture of the company and the group you'd potentially be working with, as well as learn about your problem solving and...
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How would you describe the company culture at Chevron?

Chevron has an amazing company culture. They are known for their emphasis in a healthy work/life balance. Chevron always puts their people first and encourages those who ask questions and like to work with a group.
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For anyone with experience as a materials engineering intern at Chevron, what did your work days look like?

I had a lot of freedom to choose how my days were structured while working at Chevron. Each day depended on what I needed to work on for each of my projects, as well as what meetings I had planned. I worked closely with multiple members of my group, as well as the materials engineers and some tec...
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