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I'll soon be interviewing for a data engineering internship at Choice Hotels International, care to share tips to help me get prepared?

There'll be interviews with multiple teams on the same day. The teams include big data, front end, backend, domain distribution, cloud etc.I prepared mainly for the Data Engineer role. I revisited my projects in the Big data domain, and prepared online interview questions to review the concepts. ...
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What's it like to be a data engineer intern at Choice Hotels International?

In Data Engineering team, we work on handling the Data related to reservations, guests, franchises, 3rd party etc. We build data platforms where different data pipelines could extract, transform and load the data as expected. The business and analytics team will have multiple requirements with th...
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In what ways might a Computer Science MCS major get someone ready for a data engineer internship at Choice Hotels International?

My major in Computer Science helped me really well for this job. My understanding and practical knowledge in courses CSE 510- Database Management System Implementation under Professor Candan, and CSE 512- Distributed Database System under Professor Sarwat, helped me a lot in the day to day work a...
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