About Ciitizen

Ciitizen’s mission is to provide Earth’s 7.3 billion citizens with control of their complete health information and give them the choice of sharing it with whomever they want. Period. With this new ownership, patients can share their health history with caregivers, share for second opinions, and with companies/researchers who may hold the answer to their treatment.

Current “interoperability” initiatives leave the patient out of the picture and rely on armies of manual labor to extract key health insights from unstructured data—an expensive model that will not scale. And unlike today’s zero-sum “marketplace,” our point of view is that all stakeholders share in the value of the data: institutions that participate, app developers through their services, companies that leverage this data for development of potentially life-saving treatments, and patients—who have a strong incentive to share their complete, longitudinal health history with others.

Ciitizen has assembled an all-star team, including its CEO, Anil Sethi (Apple acquired his Gliimpse), COO Premal Shah (former CEO at Applied Proteomics), and CRO Deven McGraw (former chief HIPAA officer for the United States). The company is backed by strong investment, led by Andreessen Horowitz (Vijay Pande, GP of the BioFund), Section 32 (Michael Pellini, former CEO of Foundation Medicine) and Verily Life Sciences (Andy Harrison).


research intern

July 2020 - September 2020 Palo Alto, CA
“the seniors are very sophisticated and responsible.”

Research intern

July 2020 - September 2020 San Francisco, CA
“so the senior there are very sophisticated and responsible. They always give me varied suggestions, with which I can do better. ”
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