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How much support does Citi's upper management offer?

Citi is an stunning organization. The people who you work with are extremely passionate individuals. You are not only limited to learn and get support from upper management but also from everyone you get to meet in the organization. In my particular case, my managers were outstanding. I recall to...
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Just signed an offer from Citi. What do I need to do to hit the ground running once I start?

In my case, hard work, multi-tasking and ability to work long hours. Sometimes it maybe a bit difficult to get a work-life balance, and adjustments need to be made. In terms of technical knowledge, most of the training would hopefully be provided by the staff where learning must be done by workin...
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What does it take to be a good Banker at Citi?

The most important skill is customer service. The ability to deal with challenging clients is probably the toughest part. People are often angry at the bank, and they try to take it out on you, so you just need to empathize and offer solutions. Second, is sales. It will depend what the priorities...
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