City Bank

Construction Project Management Intern

May - July 2020 • Lubbock, TX

What I liked

Over the 9 weeks, I was able to sit in on meetings with executives and department heads, be present for vendor implementation and branch acquisitions, and I was given a project of my own to work on. I learned how to take big goals and break them down into smaller, more accomplishable tasks; I was also shown how to pull talent from all areas of an organization to tackle a project and utilize the unique strengths that were brought to the table. One of my favorite aspects of the internship was the opportunity to lead a meeting of my own, with the PMO director and my co-workers present. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience this summer, and I know that it set me up for success with my school responsibilities and my future career.

What I wish was different

I disliked staying at my desk for a full time of work; this job was great because I often was able to attend meetings and team collaborations for the majority of my work day. There were a few weeks, though, where I worked on my own data project, and it was very stationary. I loved the project I worked on, but I would take a quick break and walk a lap around the building when needed to stay focused.


Attending meetings with executives and department heads was intimidating at first - so was accepting tasks I wasn't sure I could do. My advice would be to take doubt and fear out of the equation, and to go for what someone asks you to do. If you're confident and willing to learn, you'd be surprised how much you can actually do!
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