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About City Fruit

City Fruit serves individuals and families in Seattle experiencing food insecurity by providing organic, healthy fruit that is often unavailable at food banks and meal programs. Between June and November, we harvest roughly 40,000 pounds of fruit -- good fruit that would otherwise go to waste -- and redirect and share this fruit with community members throughout Seattle. We harvest fruit from trees on privately owned-land, in collaboration with homeowners, as well as fruit trees in public spaces like parks. We distribute this fruit through partnerships with more than 25 food banks, meal programs, and community organizations. Annually, we serve about 25,000 Seattle residents. Harvesting produce from local fruit trees reduces food waste and increases community access to a sustainable food system of hyper-local, organic fruit. Before our work, extra fruit from city trees went unharvested (attracting pests), and nutritious food that could be enjoyed throughout the community was wasted. Our stewardship of urban fruit trees ensures this valuable, sustainable food resource is cultivated for the benefit of all.

City Fruit was founded in 2008. The idea for this organization began when founder Gail Savina started working with community gardens. Because of the need to work with community partners and the vast number of fruit trees in public and private lands in Seattle, City Fruit became actualized as a nonprofit. Over the past 14 years, partnerships have been developed with local government, community partners, and local businesses that support our mission and help us to redirect fruit from waste and into communities that lack access to fresh fruit. City Fruit now centers on three key programs: Harvest, Tree Care Services, and Community Outreach and Education, which promotes the current and future stewardship of our urban fruit trees and hyperlocal, sustainable food system. Through these programs, we work in all parts of Seattle, across both public and private lands, to connect people to a more just food system. City Fruit recognizes that socioeconomic reasons and lack of knowledge about Seattle’s public orchards prevent many people from accessing fresh fruit. Our work stewards, plants, and harvests fruit trees with an eye towards reducing barriers to fresh fruit and our local food system while also protecting our environment.



June 2021 - September 2021 Seattle, WA
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