City Machine & Welding, Inc. (“CMW”) specializes in design, fabrication, requalification and rehabilitation of compressed gas & cryogenic liquid transportation equipment. Equipment fabricated / serviced by CMW is estimated to be used in more than 50 countries spanning all the continents. Its clientele include the US Military, the industry majors and international companies from Asia, Europe, North & South America and Australia. CMW is accredited / authorized by various national and international regulatory & professional agencies that include:

Department of Transportation, US for requalification of DOT & ASME specification pressure vessels
Transport Canada for requalification of DOT / CTC & TC specification pressure vessels
ASME and National Board for manufacture & repair of pressure vessels
Texas Rail Road Commission

CMW is an active participant in the standards development through professional bodies such as Compressed Gas Association (CGA), that recommend the regulatory authorities on issues related to safety of compressed gas equipment. It interacts with Department of Transportation (DOT) on a regular basis with statistical information and inspection approaches to emerging problems.

We offer Internship in various areas of manufacturing which could include CAD, FEA, CAM, CNC, NDE / NDT, Metal Fabrication using CNC Plasma, Press Brake, Welding (SMAW /MIG/ TIG), Corrosion Protection and other industrial operations


Mechanical Engineering Intern

September 2018 Amarillo, TX
“Works with my schedule.”
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