City of Berea

Lifeguard Manager

September 2020 • Berea, OH

What I liked

I enjoy working with the public, and being able to hear their stories as they come and go throughout the rec center. I love being able to help my lifeguards with any issues they may have, and be able to come up with a solution together. Lastly, I really enjoy being able to teach the lifeguarding classes as helping my students be able to help others in the future is one of my favorite aspects of the entire job.

What I wish was different

I wish the recreation center had directors that stood up for their staff. The head guards can only do so much until further intervention is needed with members of the public who act inappropriately towards the lifeguards. I wish they would not allow harassing behavior to continue from patrons who regularly do this.


I would say part of this job can be very mundane, but you have to remain alert whenever there is someone in the pool. You never know when an emergency can happen, and being trained to respond well incase one does is super important for this job.
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