Arts Marketing and Development Intern

March - August 2022 • Easthampton, MA

What I liked

I am extremely grateful for having had this opportunity, as I believe I am considerably more prepared for the workplace and beyond. As this was my first internship experience, I gained an understanding of the workplace at large, as well as acquired skills in the digital marketing and nonprofit management spheres. My tasks varied from short-term, artistic projects to research-based, long-term ones, meaning that I learned how to navigate an array of computer programs and honed my writing. Burns Maxey cultivated a welcoming, comfortable space for me to learn in while conveying the quality of the work she expected. It was fun, too--CitySpace is a wonderful place!

What I wish was different

My experience was largely remote, which was a convenience 99% of the time. Under different circumstances, however, I would have enjoyed the opportunity to immerse myself within the CitySpace community in a closer sense. Much of my work was individual in nature. I appreciated this for flexibility's sake, but some interns may prefer more social collaboration.


I would advise folks who are thinking of an internship to seriously consider applying to CitySpace. Not only was I able to successfully develop my own skills, but the entire time, I felt like I was contributing to something truly valuable. At times, the work was challenging, as anything worthwhile can be, but it never became unmanageable. CitySpace is quickly growing, too, so this is a particularly special opportunity for those interested in exploring the nonprofit sector!
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