About CloudApp

CloudApp is a customer experience led company focused on improving business workflows with our video messaging productivity apps. It's free apps help businesses communicate faster and get more done.

Here at CloudApp headquarters, we are a close-knit team of like-minded individuals, always looking for a "better way." A better way to work faster, to be more efficient, and even better ways to have fun. Like you, we need our tools to keep up with the increasing pace of our jobs and lives—that's why we created CloudApp and use it every day.

However, our work isn't finished. We're continuing to build our platform to be more powerful, yet more intuitive. Software that will not only change the way you work and communicate—but the way you think. "Work at the speed of sight" is not just a slogan to us, it's our ethos.


Engineering Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Draper, UT
“The difficulty level of the work I did was perfect. Almost everything I did was new to me -- new languages, new frameworks, new IDES, etc -- but it was always manageable, especially after I got used to the tools I was using. I also really appreciated how hands-off the experience was. Other than daily standup meetings, I was left pretty much to my own devices, which is how I work best. The entire experience was much different than the coding I'd done in school up to that point, which I enjoyed -- in school, there's both a solution and an expected way to achieve that solution, which can make the problem-solving part feel limited. It can also be frustrating and discouraging when you know there's a way you're supposed to be doing things, but you can't figure out what that way is. It was very liberating to be able to solve problems in a way that was entirely up to me, and also a huge confidence booster. That was probably my favorite part.”
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