CMTA, Inc.

About CMTA, Inc.

CMTA is part of Legence, a Blackstone portfolio company, specially created to be an Energy Transition Accelerator™. Our team radically improves the performance of the built environment by maximizing energy efficiency through consulting engineering and performance contracting. We’re fostering the future by championing building efficiency today.

Since CMTA's inception, we have been recognized as a national leader for delivering high performance, sustainable projects. We are committed to collaborative partnerships with our clients. Through these collaborations we have helped partners and collaborators exceed their expectations and meet the needs of future generations. CMTA is proud to be the only firm in the nation that delivers MEP Engineering, Performance Contracting and Zero Energy / Zero Carbon buildings.


Mechanical Engineer

June 2022 Baltimore, MD
“I started full time at CMTA in June 2022, and I have been loving it so far. It is very fast-paced and they have faith in their new hires to do meaningful work right off the bat, but they also provide plenty of support and learning opportunities. They have managed to keep a small company feel in spite of how much and how quickly they've been growing in recent years. There is also something very fulfilling about seeing a K-12 project come together and really having tangible evidence of the positive impact of the work. ”

Mechanical Engineering Co-op

January 2020 Arlington County, VA
“I liked that they will teach me everything I need to know and will answer any question I have. I also like that I'm working on actual projects with full time staff rather than side projects. It's a great learning experience and the people are super friendly and easy to get along with. Also, even with Coronavirus, they still kept the co-ops on board and allowed us to work from home.”
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