Cohasset Golf Club

Grounds Crew

May - August 2018 • Cohasset, MA

What I liked

I enjoyed working outside, having responsibility all the time, and working with a team. I was required to complete a lot of tasks, and although I had a supervisor, I spend a lot of time problem solving by myself and tackling challenges. I also used a variety of power tools which was fun.

What I wish was different

It was a landscaping job, there is not a lot of say in terms of the employer and employee relationship, and I expected that, as long as you completed your tasks diligently and remained a team player, the bosses were going to respect you and your efforts. There was great team chemistry.


Doing this job, although physically rewarding and beneficial to getting a tan, made me realize that college is important. Everyone who I worked with was either in college or a college dropout, and I realized that applying myself in my studies is critical for success in the future.
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