Combe Incorporated

Research and Innovation Lab Assistant

July - September 2019 • White Plains, NY

What I liked

Combe has a great work atmosphere. There is a lot of collaboration between Research and Innovation department that I am apart of, with the other departments. I was able to gain hands-on lab experience while also gaining experience in reporting and presenting our findings. I also really enjoyed how the data we collected was used to make actual decisions within the company and products moving forward. My boss also knew I am an Environmental Science Major with a minor in Sustainability, so she was able to connect that to the work I was doing.

What I wish was different

The only negative to my experience at Combe is the commute is an hour and a half each way, everyday.


I am an Environmental Science Major pursuing a career in some sort of environmental consulting. As you can tell, this is very different from my internship over the summer besides that they both deal with science. My advice would be to not be afraid to try something different than what you had intended. Never a bad idea to broaden your spectrum.
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