Connect Housing Blocks

About Connect Housing Blocks

Revolutionizing affordable housing development through modular construction. We focus on the manufacturing of modular units for the fabrication of apartment buildings and single family homes.


Design Engineer Intern

January 2023 - August 2023 Columbus, OH
“One thing that I liked about Connect Housing Blocks was how open and flexible the company was. I did not feel like just an employee because they wanted me to gain as much experience and knowledge as I did work for them. The first project I worked on was designing the basic modular apartments. Then while I was there they got a couple of new manufacturing machines and I got to learn a little bit about how those work. After working a second term I feel like I have learned a lot more. I liked some of the challenges that we came across as we worked. For example not everything that is built in a 3-D model will always work in real life so there was always challenges and feedback coming from the people that were actually putting everything together. ”
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