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About CONSOL Energy Inc.

Powering America since 1864

CONSOL Energy, a publicly owned Canonsburg-based producer and exporter of high-BTU bituminous thermal coal, is one of the leading energy companies in the United States of America. We own and operate some of the most productive longwall mining operations in the nation and one of the largest export terminals on the Eastern seaboard. As we like to say, America’s energy truly does start here.

Since the origins of our company in 1860 and our first active mining operations in 1864, CONSOL has powered the nation with affordable, abundant, reliable domestic energy. Today, CONSOL's employees help generate the fuel that accounts for nearly one-third of the nation's power supply. Our energy supports the American way of life by helping deliver electricity 24/7/365, creating family-sustaining jobs and keeping our nation competitive in the global marketplace.

Our strong record on safety and environmental stewardship, as well as our commitment to the communities where we have lived and worked for generations, has helped enable us to become the accomplished energy company we are today. Our core values -- Safety, Compliance and Continuous Improvement -- are the foundational elements and guiding principles of our business model and distinguish us from our peers.

CONSOL Energy's coal mines are highly technical operating environments that require specialized training. Pick axes and shovels have been replaced with technologically advanced processes such as longwall mining, enhanced safety protocols, digital technologies and sophisticated communications technologies. These advances have helped turn the mining process into a safer and more productive work environment.

Built on our proud history, CONSOL Energy strives each and every day to be one of the safest and most respected energy producers in the world, now and into the future.


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June 2018 Canonsburg, PA
“Great work experience, learning a lot .”
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