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About Consolidated Pathways, Inc.

Consolidated Pathways is the exclusive Global Manufacturer Representative for SILVADUR TM by Dow Chemical. Our customers are apparel and home fashion brands and retailers. CPath prospects these potential clients to get meetings with the fabric development, merchandisers and designers to explain the value proposition SILVADUR can bring to their apparel and home fabrics, emphasizing the desire by their consumer for “odor control” properties. SILVADUR is an antimicrobial chemistry that is sold through the Dow Diamond Distributor Network into the brands & retailers mill suppliers.


Sales and Prospect Manager

January 2019 Midland, MI
“I liked the independence that was granted to me because it was very important to learn to make my own decisions sometimes and not always need reassurance from a supervisor. Something I need to work own is being a little less independent and learn to ask questions every once in a while. Being able to work on my own without as much guidance is a great skill for the real world and gave me time to myself daily. I liked this because I like working on my own and proving my worth. I liked the laid back environment of the office. The office was very laid back in the sense where I could come in earlier or later and practically set my schedule every week. Most weeks I worked 8 AM to 6 PM so I could have Fridays off. Sometimes it didn’t work out to do that, but my boss was very lenient about schedules and because I had a key to the office I could open or close if need be. I liked the product we sold because it was sustainable and environmentally friendly and effective and very interesting to learn more about the retail industry and the textile finishing process. I liked the sales aspect of my job as well. It was fun being able to get creative with crafting emails to send to prospects every day. I liked my co-worker as well. We were hired at the same time and worked in the same office together. We became very close over the months we have been working at Consolidated Pathways. I liked how willing my supervisors and employers were to teach me things and make sure I got what I wanted to out of my internship experience. ”
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