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COOP’s (“ko-op”) mission is to overcome underemployment for first-gen college graduates through digital skills and peer connections. We offer a fully funded apprenticeship with three flagship tracks: Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, and Financial Services. Across our sites in New York City, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami, we’ve launched 350+ cohorts since 2014, welcoming almost 4,000 alumni in our first eight years.

Eighty percent of alumni overcome underemployment within a year, earning an average of $50,000 per year and almost $75,000 after five years. COOP aims to reach 10,000 alumni in our first decade.

COOP is a unique digital training program that brings together peer cohorts of 16 motivated, underemployed grads who meet nightly for 16 weeks (200 hours) to learn technical skills, build community, and jumpstart careers in digital marketing, data analytics, business development, and financial services.

Each cohort is led by a team cohort captains—near-peer program alumni who serve as coaches, mentors, and guides on top of busy day jobs at local ad agencies and tech companies. In parallel, COOP helps these same employers meet, interview, and hire more and more diverse candidates.

Our Fall 2023 Cohort will be held from August 10th-December 7th from 6:30-9:30 PM on Monday-Thursdays. Virtual and hybrid options are available.

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COOP’s three pillars that guide our program are Head, Heart, and Hustle. Each pillar has two corresponding core values:

Head: Purpose and curiosity
Heart: Community and empathy
Hustle: Resourcefulness and optimism

Hear from our Alumni:

Digital Marketing: "Coming from an Anthropological mindset, this unknown digital industry appeared confusing and intimidating at first. It wasn't until I had joined COOP that I learned that Digital Marketing offered so much more through many different facets (Social, Search, Programmatic, Analytics, etc). Ironically, Digital Marketing continues to teach me the importance of building strong digital relationships, storytelling, diversity, and authenticity as they are the true drivers of success.” Camille Maron, Paid Search Strategist

Business Development: "I was looking for a job before COOP started, but this program was really my second wind. Through Talent Match, the networking event hosted by COOP and Google, I was able to meet with the recruiter for a Sales role I was interested in, and she pushed me along the process which ultimately landed me my current job. COOP helped me prepare for the job search in a better way because of the resume, interview, and community support. The community aspect of being able to commiserate together when I didn't get the job or celebrate when I did -- it makes a difference. Alumni have gone around the world and back thanks to these connections." Joy Johnson, Sales Development Representative

Data Analytics: "Coming into COOP, I knew I was willing to do whatever it took to reach my career goals but being a first-gen college student, I did not know what that entailed. COOP provided me with the direction and resources necessary to launch my data analytics career. With the uncertainty during the pandemic, I knew I could rely on the COOP community to support me through such a difficult time. I am incredibly grateful to have my cohort, captains, and COOP’s vast network, which helped me get where I am today.” Jonathan Oliveros, Decision Science Analyst


apprentice data

August 2020 San Francisco, CA
“Pod groups working on projects”

Digital Marketing Apprentice

January 2018 San Francisco, CA
“-Being mentored by people in the industry, and the network exposure. Above all, being part of a life long community. ”
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