Cordero Video & Photo

Creative Content Developer

January - May 2019 • Fairhaven, MA

What I liked

I liked how dynamic the job was. Each day I came in, there was something new for me to do and learn. Going out on photoshoots was a refreshing break from typical office work and there was something new to be discovered each time we went. I learned new skills in Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro, as well as professional skills to prepare me for a full-time career. The best experience overall was being able to build a professional and personal relationship with Joel. He is so passionate about his career, and being able to work under his wing taught me more than I could ever ask for.

What I wish was different

I only wish that I could've found out about this opportunity much sooner


Brush up on your Premiere Pro skills. It will help you and Joel out immensely. Also, be open-minded about everything. You never know what you'll learn.
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