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Seeking advice for participants who may interview for a nutrition services technician role at Spectrum Health!

You need to prepare for the basic questions as well as the critical ones such as, name a time you had a bad experience with a customer and how did you handle it type of questions. Also, although it's a job for the kitchen remember to dress business professionally.
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If anyone here has experience as a nutrition services technician at Spectrum Health, would you mind sharing what it's like working this position?

Everyday can be different depending on your status. A part time employee typically works multiple jobs within the kitchen. For example, patient line (assembling meal trays), runners (delivering patient meal trays), call center (taking patient meal orders based on diet), and cafeteria (cashiering,...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a Nutritional Service Technician position at Spectrum Health?

Be yourself in the interview. Have your resume ready and nice, but be mentally ready to answer questions like, "What are your Strengths/Weaknesses?" Those will most likely be asked. Also, when they ask, "Tell me about yourself," they are not trying to figure out what sports team you like. They ar...
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Do you enjoy working at Spectrum Health?

I love the culture! When I’m making my way around the hospital, I get many smiles from the nursing staff, as well as others. The people who work in the kitchen are also very nice, and we all generally get along with one another. No matter which floor of the hospital I am on, the staff is very fri...
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What's a day in the life of a Registered Nurse at Beaumont Health like?

We begin our shift with bedside rounding with the previous shift. Med pass starts at 8am-10am depending on which type of unit you work on. Each day we participate in interdisciplinary rounds with the charge nurse, case manager, RN and the patient. Every day is different but bedside rounding, inte...
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