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Does Cornerstone Research offer a mentorship program for their consultants?

Cornerstone Research has a structured mentorship program with an assigned Advisor that is responsible for overseeing your career development and goals as well as a Mentor/Buddy that is responsible for helping new analysts get acclimated to the workflow and answer any miscellaneous questions that ...
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What are interviewers from Cornerstone Research looking for in summer analysts?

It would be helpful to highlight past research experience or project work, particularly in economics, but most quantitative fields would look good as well. Experience with econometrics and experience working in data softwares such as Stata, SAS, SQL, or Excel would also be things to highlight. In...
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How much are interns/summer analysts paid at Cornerstone Research?

In my two summers working at Cornerstone, I was paid $2,923 every 2 weeks, throughout the 10 week program.
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What do you like about being an analyst at Cornerstone Research?

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