Covenant Classical School

About Covenant Classical School

Covenant Classical School is a vibrant, growing community of families that have partnered together to provide our children with a rich and challenging classical Christian education. It is rooted in the Great Tradition of the West, which has passed down a robust, enduring educational tradition. The ancients sought the cultivation of wisdom and virtue as the highest aim of education. Simply acquiring knowledge for utilitarian purposes was not enough. They believed, as we do, that education is not ultimately about making money, going to college, or producing goods. It is fundamentally about who we become.

Therefore, Covenant Classical School is committed to, in total dependence upon God’s grace, forming students into wise and godly leaders who are equipped to engage the world with a solid biblical foundation and the tools of learning.


Explorers Teacher

June 2018 - August 2018 Huntsville, AL
“My favorite part about this job was definitely the kids. I worked with explorers (1-2 years old) and I loved them to death. They’re sweet, cute, and so lovable. Working with these babies changed my view of the world and life in general. The kids are so pure, so excited about everything (besides nap time), they haven’t been brought down by heavy experiences and sour thoughts yet. It taught me to see things in a more open light. I feel that I am a better, more capable person because of this job.”
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