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About Creative Goods Merchandise

Creative Goods Merchandise is a full-service theatrical and live-entertainment boutique merchandising company. Current clients include: Hamilton, Mean Girls, Waitress, Chicago and many more!

At Creative Goods, we believe that merchandising is just as important to the marketing mix as any other element. The product is more than just a souvenir, it's a way that the consumer can support a show that they love. We reevaluate our lines constantly, discontinuing items that don't resonate with the consumer and introducing new ideas to keep the lines fresh. At Creative Goods, our product lines always evolve along with the show.

Design is the cornerstone of Creative Goods. Today's consumer wants unique products that represent the show in the best way possible. We firmly believe in giving the consumer a quality product that is made from high-end material and designed with innovative art. Over time, we will work with you to create and produce a line filled with original ideas, putting it together piece by piece until we have reached our goal. These efforts lead to a well planned product line that is continually renewed for the consumer.


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June 2018 - July 2018 Des Moines, IA
“I really enjoyed working with the touring company of Hamilton the musical. It was a great experience, and it showed me other jobs to have in theatre that aren't performing.”
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