CSP On-Campus Student Employment


June - August 2019 • Antigo, WI

What I liked

I liked how each week we worked in a different department within the company and followed the process of the bags being made and sold. This allowed me to see how a business runs with all the types of roles that go into running a business. It also allowed me to get the chance to meet and work with most of the employees.

What I wish was different

I wish I had a car to use while I was there. The other intern drove me to and from the office everyday but when we were on different schedules and during the weekend it is necessary to have a car. The town is small but it is far to walk.


Ask questions. There is so much going on within the business and everyone has a different role so ask lots of questions. Also, the one thing I was nervous about was the final presentation that we have to give at the end of the internship but it was not that scary and was fun to give and to show the employees the different things I did and learnt each week.
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